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What to wear at dinner/birthday party?

Do you often take hours to decide what to wear at dinner or birthday parties? Tired of putting on & off clothes number of times? If yes, then here are few tips to organise your wardrobe to make it less pain. Also you can shop some to create your own charming outfit.

Primary Elements:

1. Simple but flattering Dress

OR Stylish top with Sateen Crop Pants.

2. Blazer(Optional)/ Cardigan/Coat

3. Jewellery

4. Scarf (optional)

This blog covers different Dresses to choose from and get sorted!


Easy Slip into dresses like the ones below

Print Dress by Orientique

Bubble Dress By Orientique

Embroidered Dress by Orientique

Orientique Embroidery Dress

Dress by Clarity

Clarity Dress

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