Planning the perfect day out at beach.

Many of us have been waiting for some warmth around after having long winter. Any thought of Summer makes us think of relaxing at beach with friends, family or even alone, be it in Melbourne or while your next holiday destination.

Planning always saves you from unwanted trouble or discomfort. Here I will tell you few points to plan your day beforehand so that you do not miss on any fun and have great memories to relish upon later.

Checks & measures to handle weather:

To have fully enjoyable experience one needs a good day & good time. Now as we all know technology has given us powerful apps which can predict weather well. Before making a plan do check the weather report if possible. To remain at safe side keep an umbrella in your bag just in case!

Once date is confirm, read about the beach you are planning to go. What are the facilities near by like parking, barbecue, food junctions etc and most importantly is it suitable for your type of beach day. Find more about what things can be done at beach like surfing, snorkelling, water-sports if you are looking for. If just going for for relaxing at beach just then any man made beach will have soft sand for your purpose.

Pack your Beach Bag:

If thinking to lay down at beach, do pack your Neat Sheet (Perfect to repel water & Sand) or your favourite Beach Towel/Roundie in your beach bag together with Sunnies & Hat. Do not forget to apply Sunscreen lotion before going out and also carry in your beach bag as you may need to reapply if staying longer at beach.

Keep you favourite book/magazine or kindle if you love reading. When going with kids do pack their favourite sand toys.

Pack Drinks & Munchies:

Hydration is very important in summer especially when you are near beach. Do keep few cold water bottles wrapped in towels or use cooler as you would not love paying extra bucks for it in shops at beach.

Keep snacks to remain energised. You can pack home made sandwiches, pastas, yoghurt, skewers or chops (if planning to barbecue), cheese & nibbles, chips etc. Options are plenty but make sure you keep them in cooler as hot weather can ruin them.

Your Outfits:

Now that you have sorted out you beach bag it's time to think about your outfits which will aid you in having more fun at beach. If you are planning shop new swimwear then you have to shop according to your body shape & need (only for swimming or scuba diving/surfing). My upcoming next blog will talk about it in detail.

Apart from swimwear you need comfortable dress to enjoy rest of the time when out of water. I wrote a post about flawless dress up for beach which you can read in my upcoming blog.