A Black Plum Boutique gift voucher is the perfect present for any occasion. We offer vouchers from $50 value to $200.

This $200 gift voucher can be used on-line at Black Plum Boutique Boutique.

The voucher will be emailed separtely to the purchaser after successful purchase. The voucher will have coupon code to use on-line at checkout. You can forward the coupon code/email as present.

The coupons are non-refundable and valid for 6 months.

Gift Voucher - $200


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    About Us

    Great Styles at great price & quality

    Welcome to our boutique!

    Our locally designed brands Black Plum & Ice Express are here for over 30 years. In our boutique we carry other brands such as Orientique, Threadz, Clarity, Yarra Trail, Tirelli and many more. 

    Your every second is precious to us and we thrive to give you best match for your taste at best price & quality. We select our range for all shapes and sizes up to plus size.