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Love Your Curves! Black Plum Boutique Stocks Plus Size Fashion You’ll Fall for Online in Melbourne

If you’d describe your body type as “curvy” or, for that matter, anything other than “stick figure,” then you know how hard it can be to find the right clothes. Check out these tips for finding clothing that fits your body beautifully and makes you feel your best every day of the week.

Shop at a plus size boutique in Melbourne to find clothes that fit you correctly

Buying clothes that fit may sound obvious, but too many women either wear clothes they can swim in, or they try to cram their curves into clothes that are at least a size too small. Be comfortable and look fantastic by wearing clothes that fit across the shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. If you aren’t sure, ask for assistance from the store attendant. These folks are often your biggest allies when it comes to selecting clothes that fit properly. Or, if you’re shopping online, always check the size chart on the website to see the measurements and make sure you’re buying the right size.

Try colour blocking

Colour blocking refers to pieces of clothing such as tops or dresses with side panels or horizontal blocking with the top section a different colour than the bottom section. This is an effective way to give your body visual definition and draw the eye where you want it.

Consider using a tailor

Have you ever fallen in love with a piece of clothing, only to find that one detail just isn’t right? Maybe the shoulders are too loose, or it’s too long; whatever it is, there’s a good chance that a tailor can fix it. Tailoring something to fit might sound old-fashioned, but many of the best-dressed people around have their clothes tailored – that’s why they look so good! Don’t give up on that skirt or pair of pants you adore. Have it tailored to fit your body instead.

Know your body type

There’s more to your body shape than “apple” or “pear.” Every woman’s body is different, and nobody knows better than you what works and what doesn’t for your unique curves. Embrace your individuality and stick with what makes you feel great. With a little trial and error, everyone can find flattering pieces that give them confidence.

Keep an eye on necklines

Look for lower necklines such as V-necks and low scoop necks. These necklines draw attention upward to your face and create a flattering shape. Necklines that are too high can create an unflattering block of colour that makes you look too boxy. Try a blouse with the top few buttons open over a pretty camisole to create an attractive and feminine look.

Just love your curves!

At Black Plum Boutique, we believe that style has no size and no age. Every woman deserves to feel good in her own skin and be happy and confident at any age and any size. Beauty is not restricted to a set of numbers. Shop our plus size boutique online to find a variety of gorgeous tops, pants, dresses, accessories, and much more for the mature and fabulous woman. Our Melbourne plus size boutique offers something for everyone, and our free shipping on orders over $50 doesn’t hurt, either. Go ahead and pick out something you love – you deserve it.

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