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Tips for Accessorising Plus Size, Size 18 Dresses in Melbourne and Where to Buy Online

Floral and printed dresses are beautifully feminine and tend to be showstoppers in their own right. That means that accessorising can be a challenge – you want to complement your dress, not overpower it, or distract from its aesthetic appeal. Consider the following tips.


Plus size dresses in Melbourne with floral or other bold patterns tend to boast bright, bold, noticeable colours. Therefore, you’ll want to steer clear of bright, colourful jewellery to balance out the look. Bright or floral-patterned dresses look best with simple, subtle, delicate pieces. A larger statement piece may distract from the dress or clash with its bold tones. Instead, opt for simple stud or drop earrings, a delicate necklace with a small locket or pendant, and a thin bracelet. This is where the adage “less is more” comes in.


Shoes can be the difference between an outfit that flops and one that gets you compliments all day long. When you’re wearing a bold dress, avoid matching floral shoes – go for neutral wedges, sandals, or heels. Or, choose one of the dress’s subtler shades and choose a pair of shoes to match. One great way to accessorise floral dresses is to select all black accessories, including shoes. Consider wearing black flats, a black belt, black studs, and a black cross-body bag with a feminine floral dress or an irresistible mix of edgy and chic style.


A good way to choose a handbag is to pick one that matches the dress’s most prominent shade. If this option makes the outfit too busy, then stick with a bag in a neutral shade such as black, tan, or white. The exception is if your dress contains only two colours – in this case, consider opting for a bolder bag in a contrasting colour such as red.


You can wear a black belt, as mentioned above – or you can take advantage of the opportunity to add a pop of colour to your floral print. If you’d like, you can choose one of the colours in a multi-coloured dress and make it pop with a belt to match.


Depending on the weather, you may or may not need to include some outerwear in your outfit. However, adding a light trench coat, a leather jacket, or even a fitted blazer will lend a casual yet polished style to any outfit. Blazers pair wonderfully with floral dresses for office wear; change into a leather jacket for an evening look that’s edgy and attention-grabbing. Denim jackets also pair very well with floral and offer a basic yet versatile look.

Where to Buy Plus Size Dresses Online

Whether you’re a size 8 or a size 18, dresses in Melbourne are available that can make you look and feel your best every single day. Black Plum Boutique makes it easy to find size 18 dresses online along with a wide range of other sizes, clothing items, and accessories. We aim to promote body positivity in everything we do, and we know you’ll love our collection of stunning, high-quality clothing at affordable prices. Looking for plus size dresses in Melbourne? Let Black Plum Boutique help. We guarantee you’ll love our clothes.

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