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What We Love about Orientique Fashion and Where to Buy Orientique Women’s Clothing Online

Pulling off prints can be tricky in and out of the office. Prints are fun to wear and can showcase your personal style, but it’s important to know how to accessorise to make sure your prints look polished and office-ready.


First, pair items carefully. Balance prints with more conservative clothing such as simple skirts and dark cardigans. You can also choose solid neutral colours such as black, gray, and brown to balance out flashy patterns. Small prints can look more chic because they aren’t overwhelming to the eye, but larger patterns can also look fabulous when worn with the right accessories. Pay attention to details such as your shoes and hair to ensure you look great from head to toe. Simple shoes can anchor an otherwise loud outfit, as can a simple hairstyle. Stay away from large, dangly earrings, bright headbands, or other items that might overwhelm your look.

Orientique: Prints Done Right

Luckily, Orientique understands that there’s a right and wrong way to wear prints, and they make it easy to rock prints the right way. Headquartered in Brisbane, Orientique has over 40 years’ experience designing women’s fashion. This brand prides itself on its distinctive look for mature women who don’t want to fade into the background.

With a focus on natural fabrics, Orientique carefully selects linen, cotton, and rayon woven specifically for the brand by some of the finest mills in the world. The design team at Orientique works closely with European artisans to create the beautiful mix of prints in each collection. Their exquisite combination of prints and shapes makes every outfit something unique. With the Australian woman in mind, Orientique produces clothing from size 8 – 22. The flattering silhouettes and gorgeous prints ensure that you’ll look and feel your best every time you get dressed.

Where to Buy Orientique Clothing Online

At Black Plum Boutique, we bet you’ll love Orientique women’s fashion as much as we do. That’s why we make it easy for you to buy Orientique clothing online along with a range of other quality labels. Our 30 years’ industry experience has taught us how to choose the best clothes for the mature woman, and we love helping our customers look and feel fantastic every day. Besides Orientique, we also sell known labels such as Threadz, Yarra Trail, Clarity, and Stella and will soon be proud to offer Caffe Latte and The Fitting Belt Co. as well.

Black Plum Boutique strives to promote body positivity and confidence among women with our effortless styles. We also offer hassle-free returns and exchanges so you can shop without any concerns. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive year-round rewards including discount offers, cash coupons, and gifts. Our clothing and accessory range is top-notch regarding quality, trends, and price, and we even offer free shipping in AU and NZ with orders over $50. Ready to buy Orientique online? Let Black Plum Boutique be your go-to shop for the great styles you want.

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