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If you are looking for unique, affordable, distinctive, timeless and stylish designs, then you are at right place. It’s well worth your visit, as you’re sure to find something to delight.

Black Plum stocks their own labels – Black Plum and Ice Express – and other brands including Orientique, Threadz, Clarity, Yarra Trail, Tirelli, Seafolly and Miracle Suit (bathers and Kaftans), Fitflop shoes, handbags by Kim Kardashian and Faslini, jewellery, scarves and accessories.  There is a mix of up-market garments, leisure wear and overseas imports.

Black Plum has been designing ladies fashion since 1985. Their collection includes dresses, tunics, pants, skirts, leggings, knitwear and coats. Their styles are distinctive and designed to flatter your curves. They are suitable for ladies of all age groups, with sizes ranging from 10 to 20 plus.

Every season Black Plum creates fashion-forward and on-trend styles at extremely affordable prices.  As the designs are timeless, they can be easily coordinated and compliment other pieces in the wardrobe.

Black Plum’s goal is to make every customer look and feel fabulous, fulfilling their promise to every woman to “carry your style with confidence and comfort”.

There’s something for all!

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